For many of our customers, the end of a lease can feel like a mixed blessing. While you're happy the lease is being completed and you might soon be getting a new lease vehicle, it's also very possible that you have become familiar with that car and you hate to give it up. Never fear: The end of a lease is a great time to think about all the opportunities in front of you, including the chance to acquire that vehicle you've come to love.

Of course, you might want to keep it simple and transition over to another new lease, and an exciting new Kia model. After all, it's always fun to drive the latest model Kia home, complete with new features, new tech and new levels of comfort and performance. But there are always other paths you can take.

When you have almost completed your lease of a Kia from Pete's Smart Car Kia in Amarillo, TX, you have some excellent options. You might, for example, decide to do what many lease customers do: Bring your Kia back to us prior to the conclusion of the lease and begin a whole new lease, in addition to getting a new Kia and the features that go with it. But you have some other excellent options as well.

First, instead of just returning your lease car and getting a new one, you might decide to purchase that Kia lease car and keep it for at least a while longer. In fact, it's very common for Kia owners to appreciate their cars so much they don't want to give them up, even when the lease term is finished. You can buy your leased car at the end of the lease term and keep driving happily ever after.

And why not? While there are many advantages to leasing, including lower monthly payments, there's a definite downside to just leasing, year after year. The big one: You never own the car and you're never creating ownership in the cars you lease. It's like dating around but never getting married. But if you buy the car, you don't have to search for another one. You the vehicle's history better than anyone since you've been the only driver.

Another Excellent Choice: Become a New Kia Owner

You also have the option of deciding to stop leasing and buying a brand-new Kia. You get that great new Kia feeling that you would get from a new lease, but now you start to build equity in your car. Another major advantage of owning a new Kia is that it's one of the only brands that offers an amazing 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

It's available to you as the original owner and covers the engine, transmission, and driveline components. In addition, Kia's "basic" bumper-to-bumper warranty isn't all that basic. It provides comprehensive coverage for the first 5 years or 60,000 miles. Just about all components are covered except those excluded by name.

Two Steps to Take as Your Lease Period Winds Down

When you're about two months away from your lease's end date, call us and schedule time for your car to be inspected. It's a good idea to bring basic items associated with your car, like keys, the driver's manual and floor mats, since you'll soon be returning those soon.

The purpose of an end-of-lease inspection is to make sure the vehicle has been well cared for and see if there's damage or wear that you need to cover as part of your final fees. You'll get a summary of your car's condition with estimated costs you might be responsible for. To address damages or excess wear, instead of paying fees, you may be able to simply get repairs done at Pete's Smart Car Kia.

About one month prior to the end of your lease, call us to set the date you will turn over your vehicle to us. At that time, think about actually acquiring the Kia you have been leasing or whether it seems more appealing to start your next lease, giving you the opportunity to start driving a new Kia all over again. Reach out to us at Pete's Smart Car Kia and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If You Have a Car You Want to Sell, We Can Make You a Great Trade-In Offer Right Now

If you aren't a lease customer and you're thinking about selling or trading in your current vehicle, your timing couldn't be better. Because of the global shortage of electronic chips needed for car-making, there's now a huge shortage of new vehicles. That's led to a big shortage of quality used vehicles, so we can give you an incredibly attractive cash offer or trade-in value for your pre-owned car, truck or SUV, whether it's a Kia or not. Whatever your current automotive needs, we'll help you make the right decision at Pete's Smart Car Kia in in Amarillo, TX.